21 Days To Better Health

Welcome to the Motivate Fitness 21 Days to Better Health Jump Start

Are you ready for long-term solutions to help you lose weight, feel more energized, improve your flexibility and balance, move pain free all while lowering your health risk factors? Are you ready to feel better than you ever have in the past? 

If so, then this is the program for you……

Because at Motivate Fitness We Change Lives!

 Now Let Us Change Your Life! 

Why Join the Motivate Fitness 21 Days to Better Health Jump Start Program?

Just imagine how you would feel if you were thinner, stronger and had more energy. Picture what you would look like. We bet it feels great! 

The 21 Days to Better Health Jump Start Program is specifically designed for people who are new to exercise or have been away from it for a while and need to get started. We believe exercise should be invigorating not stressful or painful and if you follow the proper program, incredibly motivating!

Let us show you a new approach to fitness by designing specific individualized programs for YOUR SUCCESS rather than inappropriate cookie cutter workouts. By using our Individualized Training Programs (ITP), we will help you achieve the optimal RESULTS you desire as well as to live a healthier life.

Included in the 21 Days to Better Health Jump Start Program

Your program begins with a 1-on-1 personal Strategy Session to create the blueprint for your Individualized Training Program PLUS:

• 3 semi-private training sessions (Value of $150)

• Unlimited access to all of our group fitness classes (Value of $120)

• Nutrition Journal, planning and weekly tips (Value of $200)

• Continual support from our professional fitness coaches for all 21 days (Value of $500)

Plus as a special FREE BONUS you’ll also receive:

• A heart rate monitor (Value of $140)

• One month supply of the highest quality multi-vitamins (Value of $70)

• One month supply of protein powder (Value of $40)

• Starter kit that include a workout shirt and cinch bag (Value of $75)

All of this for JUST $199! 


Receive a FREE One Month complete meal plan journal with recipes and shopping list. (Value of $150)

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“When I joined Motivate Fitness, I felt like
they listened and cared.  What surprised me was that my coaches didn’t
push me too hard in the beginning.  I thought they would be like a drill
sergeant.  The coaches are patient and encouraging in just the right dose.
I am pleased that I’m back into weight lifting as part of my exercise routine.
 With the gradual routines and personalized supervision, I feel more
energetic, certainly stronger again, and I don’t dread it.”

Sue Block

"Something needed to change. I remember the day
quite well. Walking from my home to my car was getting difficult. Seeing a lot
of "extra" me between the seat belt straps, I was fed up. That made me
think about the money I was spending every month to be an "outside"
member of multiple gyms. 
say that that meeting changed my life is an understatement. I have never had
this much energy! As my fitness level changes so does the personalized exercise
plan. Motivate Fitness not only challenged me to be better but helps me to
reach my goals. I will never forget what Bill told me when I asked him why he
does what he does he simply stated "I just want to help people."
Thank you for your help Bill! I certainly needed it"

Marin Harwood

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