Trim down your refrigerator & cabinets, rid your pantry of items with ingredients you can’t pronounce, & toss items with expiration dates of more than six months. Willpower & temptation are a tough match; even for the most stubborn individual, cravings typically win-out. Remove temptation & remove the trap of caving in.

  • CAN’T PRONOUNCE? Long names equate to chemical preservatives and artificial flavors, sugars, & fats. Stick to ingredient lists with items you understand!

  • SUGAR, SUGAR: Simple sugars are quickly converted into fat if not utilized, so obtain your sweets from their whole-food forms and toss products with ingredients ending in “ose.”

  • DUMP IT! Empty calories obtained from sweetened beverages are nutritionally-devoid. Instead of offering nutrients like protein or healthy fats, it’s all sugar. Dump them & stick to pure water (1/2 body weight in ounces/day.)

  • POUR A GLASS: Limit alcohol consumption, as it should be viewed as a treat/splurge instead of daily habit. At the end of the day, excess alcohol is converted to fat in the liver. A fatty liver= metabolic syndrome!


Overnight, your body utilizes stored energy to restore and repair cells, organs, and tissues. When you wake, your energy stores are LOW & metabolism is basically running on empty. Fuel your body’s internal furnace (METABOLISM) & eat within 15 minutes of waking. This will kick start your fat/calorie burning capacity for the rest of the day.

  • REFRESH & REPLENISH: Burning a fire requires continuous fuel. Keep your body burning by eating every 3-4 hours.

  • SKIP SKIPPING: Think you can “save calories” by skipping a meal, only to indulge twice as much later in the day? DONT! Blood sugar drops cause insulin imbalances, which affect your hunger/satiety hormones & inhibits your metabolism from fully functioning.


Processed foods undergo differing levels of manufacturing “tweaks” to enhance shelf life, taste, texture, etc. Higher in fats, sugars, & salts, these partially or fully broken down foods wreak havoc on your blood glucose levels, stimulating fat storage. Obtain your foods in their WHOLE forms, opt for non-starchy vegetables, high fiber fruits, & whole grain breads & pastas.


Protein should be a STAPLE at every one of your meals. Not only does it keep your metabolism revving, it also stimulates thermogenesis (the process your body utilizes to turn stored fat into fuel!) On top of all this, protein also slows down the rate that sugar enters your bloodstream, keeping blood sugar balanced & you feeling fuller for longer!


While most have been instilled to fear fat, not all is created equally! Fat is essential for multiple bodily functions, including protection, hormone regulation, & vitamin absorption. Obtaining high quality unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocado’s, and Omega 3’s from fatty fish, or top-notch saturated fats like grass-fed butter or extra-virgin coconut products, will allow you to reap the benefits.


The human body is composed of 2/3 water. Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day! Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and remember the clearer your toilet, the cleaner your system! Limit coffee and tea consumption as these are acidic and create imbalances with your body’s pH levels.


Whole foods are those as close to their natural forms as possible. Offering a range of nutrients, including protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins/minerals, unprocessed foods work in synergy to enhance the overall benefit on your health.


You could be the healthiest eater, yet still not be obtaining all the nutrients your body requires. Taking a high-quality daily multivitamin and a pure Omega 3 fish oil supplement will ensure any potential gaps get patched.


Remember to drink a protein shake during or 10 minutes prior to finishing your workouts. This is a key time that you must take into account if you want to reap the restorative & fat burning powers these fast carbs & fats offer.


Trying to remember the day’s responsibilities is already difficult enough, & keeping track of what you put into your body will allow you to better realize your eating patterns. Knowing your habits & tendencies will enable you to look at the whole picture -stress, timing, location, etc,- allowing you map out a better way to stick to your plan.

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