Metabolic Resistance Training

Here's a sure fire way to help you burn more fat next time you workout. It's called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) and it's highly effective in burning more fat!

Here's why, researchers have found that the body requires more energy (calories) to recover from a bout of MRT and FAT is its preferred choice! This recovery process is called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. In their study, researchers used a MRT protocol of 12 sets in 31 minutes. What they found was that EPOC was elevated significantly for 38 hours post-workout!

What this means to you is that while you'll burn 500 - 800 calories during this 30-minute program, you will also continue to burn calories for another day and a half. Now that's some serious fat burning!

MRT is a series of compound exercises set up in a circuit type fashion and performed for a predetermined number of reps and sets that are to be completed within a certain time frame with little rest.

An example would look something like this:
1a) Dumbbell Squats - 12x
1b) Dumbbell Press - 12x
1c) Dumbbell Rows - 12x
Repeat as many rounds as possible within 30 minutes.

But if you really want to learn how MRT is performed, then email us to set up a FREE STRATEGY SESSION. We will show you how it's done in a safe and effective manner no matter where your fitness level is.

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