Although it’s been tough to tell, the official first day of Spring was March 20th. With that, hopefully the weather continues to shift towards warmer weather and sunshine. This time of year is usually related to and whether that means de-junking your garage, putting your winter clothes into storage, or detoxifying your body, the “equinox” is the perfect time to regain balance and start the season anew.

When it comes to detoxing the body, now is actually one of the prime-times to kick start eating well, as the warmer weather not only brings forth a wide variety of fresh produce, but the crops grown in the cooler months are inherently supportive of the body’s natural detoxification system. Rich in fiber, plant-based phytonutrients, and loads of antioxidants, the following three items are ideal choices for picking up during Spring’s harvest.

Three Super Foods for Detoxing...


*Not only high in digestive-supportive fiber (10.3g per medium,) researchers have deemed the artichoke as one of the top 4 vegetables with the highest antioxidant levels!

*Like its relative, milk thistle, artichokes are rich in CYANARIN, a phytochemical that enhances bile secretion, which allows for the absorption of certain nutrients, digestion of fats, and elimination of fatty deposits/toxins.

*Silymarin is a potent antioxidant that deters the breakdown of liver cells, inhibits arterial fat-oxidation, and stimulates the production of GLUTATHIONE, another potent detox molecule.


*Take it or leave it, whether you love or hate the earthy sweetness of this ruby-colored jewel, beets are an excellent addition to your spring-detox protocol.

*Rich in a particular antioxidant that is specific to beets & rhubarb/chard, BETALAIN supports healthy blood flow, supports the elimination phase of detox (highly important!)

*High in folate, which aids the breakdown of a pro-inflammatory molecule known as homocysteine.


*Cruciferous vegetables are those that have a bite to them or “stink” up the kitchen when cooked or steamed. (Bok choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Horseradish, Kale, Kohlrabi, & Turnips.)

*Glucosinolates, which are made available through light cooking & or chewing, have been studied to enhance both phases of detoxification, AND may inhibit the proliferation of unhealthy cells.

*The bitter compounds in these foods aid digestion and detoxification through stimulating both digestive and pancreatic enzyme secretions, allowing you to better break-down your foods!


*WHAT ARE TOXINS: Toxins come from a variety of sources, including bi-products of our own cellular reactions (here’s looking at you digestion!) From the harsh environmental culprits like car exhaust, pesticides/fertilizers, and industrial run-off, to artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, etc, toxins are literally all around us, all the time.

*HOW THE BODY DETOXES: Utilizing several systems, including the biliary (Liver, Kidneys, Gallbladder,) digestive, lymphatic, and immune, the body breaks down toxins that we encounter through a two-step process that is highly dependent on cellular and digestive health.

*WHO SHOULD DETOX: The body is a machine, and is actively detoxing your body as you read this email. While it aims to run as efficient as possible, multiple factors including stress, lack of sleep, lack of water/oxygen, poor diet, and certain diseases can impair this automatic process. A clogged up liver, slow-flowing lymphatic system, impaired immunity, etc, can all lead to a system that is more faulty than fluent. Even if you strive to live the “cleanest” lifestyle, we all can use a boost in the detox department.

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