The Paradox of Behavior Change

Whenever someone finds out what I do for a living, it's usually followed up with a question that goes something like...."What is the best way to lose weight, get tone, feel better, become healthier, etc............ For years I've always struggled with the best way to answer this because it's such a complex answer. Well, at least I thought it was.

Everyday there is new research telling us this and that, which gets awfully confusing. But what I started to realize is maybe it's complicated because we are trying to change too much too fast.

Something we've been having success with at Motivate Fitness is having our members pick one daily thing that they can change and start with that. Master it, make it habit then move on to the next. Small wins build momentum and that momentum will carry you forward to building the next habit. Focusing on the process rather than the finish line is the best answer to the "What is the best way to......?"

So here's your homework, click on the link for our 10-Steps to Better nutrition. Pick one of the items and master it. Once it becomes a habit move to the next one. I guarantee that if you can get through the ten steps, you will notice a dramatic difference and it will help you answer that question.

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