"Losing 40 lbs wasn't as hard as I thought. I never really deprived myself. With the help of Bill and AJ it was more about staying on course and being dedicated."

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“ I actually have an ongoing (lifetime) membership to L.A. fitness. I attended once in a while. the excuses of the past include not feeling fit enough to go, being bored, feeling like just a number, feeling like they are just selling you on personal training and not really interested in you as a person with particular circumstances. When joined Motivate 

Fitness, I felt like they listened and cared. what surprised me was that my coaches didn’t push me too hard in the beginning. I thought they would be like a drill sergeant. I am pleased that I’m back into weight lifting as part of my exercise routine. With the gradual routines and personalized supervision, feel more energetic, certainly stronger again, and I don’t dread it.”

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"I started doing basic functional movement and didn't feel any significant pain. I was getting stronger and seeing progression. Much stronger. Much more cardiovascular fitness and no soreness in my joints."

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