Who We Are

Motivate Fitness is a small concierge personal training studio where our primary focus is YOU. We understand the concept of working out can be very intimidating and at times a bit difficult to grasp. Therefore in order to help you feel comfortable and achieve your fitness goals; we will instruct you every step of the way. Through our unique approach that combines personal training with a group fitness atmosphere, we are able to provide that one on one attention and still create a friendly social environment.  

What We Do

At Motivate Fitness we believe that each individual possesses their own unique movement capabilities and limitations, injury history, medical history, strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. This is what makes you great and beautiful. However, this is exactly what makes one size fits all, non-individualized approaches completely ineffective. This is where we separate ourselves from the rest. 


When you step into our concierge personal training gym we take into account all of your abilities and past  history in order to design a program specifically made to empower, educate and  motivate you through every step of the way to your goals. You won’t get this kind of personal attention at a big chain gym or cookie cutter / group fitness gym. Only at Motivate Fitness will you receive undivided attention to address all of 

your concerns, movement limitations and past injuries. We understand you have many choices when considering a place to exercise but Motivate Fitness is more than just an average gym. We at Motivate Fitness believe that exercise should be extremely fulfilling and empowering. Allowing you to move better, feel better and accomplish whatever it is you wish to. We believe it should not break you down with repetitive movements, make you feel achy or move worse. True, you should leave a workout feeling like you did some work, but ultimately you should feel better than when you walked in and with time and consistency feel stronger than when you began. This is what we do for you at Motivate Fitness. We are so confident about this that we will even offer a risk-free trial month, Motivate Fitness Guarantee. We don’t have sales people because our concern is not about selling memberships. Our concern is YOU. We care about making you feel better and stronger inside and out. If we're not up to your standards, if we're not the best, then the month is on us. It's that simple. Our fitness professionals and our program design speaks for itself..

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