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Are you ready for a different kind of fitness experience? One where you feel comfortable, welcomed, and encouraged. A positive and friendly environment with like-minded people that can help you achieve goals such as:

· Long-term solutions to better your health

· Achieve and maintain your goals

· Start a safe, effective exercise routine

· Lose fat

· Get more energized, tone and lift 


We believe there is a fitness paradox in America today. We know

more about health and fitness than ever before, but yet we face the biggest

obesity problem we have ever had.

Could that be because we are doing something wrong? 

At Motivate Fitness, we believe that is exactly the problem.

Well-intention and hard-working people go to the gym and pound out miles on a treadmill, or strain to lift weights, all in the name of “getting in shape”.  Quite frankly, most of these people are working too hard on the wrong things, preventing  the progress the progress they are hoping to make. Try as they might, they are not as healthy as they want to be, or should be. All in all they just are not getting the results they are striving for. 


Rather than cookie cutter workouts of the day we offer a new  approach to fitness by focusing on individualized programs for our members. By using our Individualized Training Programs (ITP), we help our members achieve the optimal RESULTS they desire as well as to live healthier, stronger, 

thinner, and happier lives. Through the use of these programs, our clients have  become more toned, flexible, and more energized throughout the day.

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