About Us


Imagine if you had someone create an all-encompassing individualized fitness program for you that included all your nutritional needs? Most importantly what if you had someone hold you accountable by scheduling your workouts, reminding you of your appointments and checking in with you each month to track your progress? We bet you would get pretty awesome results, don’t you?

Well that’s exactly the service we provide at Motivate Fitness which is why we call ourselves Concierge Fitness.

When you become a member at Motivate Fitness you will be assigned a specialized coach to:

  • Create a customized fitness program specifically for you and to guide you through your workout plus design programs for at home or when traveling.

  • Manage your workout schedule and appointments to maintain accountability and consistency.

  • Schedule monthly check in’s to ensure that you are on track with your goals by measuring bio-metrics.

  • Send reminders through text message and email of appointments. 

  • Provide healthy eating plans for at home, work or when dining out 

  • If necessary use our vast network of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, soft tissue specialists and nutritionists to set up appointments for issues beyond our fitness scope.  


Our top-notch services are provided by an encouraging and knowledgeable staff of coaches with services that extend far beyond the walls of our studio.

Check out our facility! 

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What Do We Have To Offer?


Group Fitness

Small classes, not only to create a more personal experience. But to also allow for our expert instructors the opportunity to attend to each attendees needs.

Lifestyle Programs 

From developing and improving your Golf game to building and improving your full health regime. We have the right programs made just for you! With our Lifestyle Programs you receive that personal touch with an extra step of guidance and education. We believe in order to improve and develop, you must understand what needs to changed and adjust it accordingly.  

Semi-Private Lessons 

Personal training does not have to be a boring experience. In fact, we learned that by opening the environment and taking a different approach with one on one personal training, can make huge difference. Creating a more confident, friendly and fun environment.  


Interested in group fitness?

Interested in personal training?