There is a “fitness paradox” in America today. We know more about health and fitness than ever before, but at the same time, we have the biggest obesity problem we’ve ever had. Could it be that we’re doing something wrong? At Motivate Fitness, we believe that is exactly the problem. Well-intentioned and hard-working people go to the gym and pound out miles on a treadmill, or strain to lift barbells, all in the name of “getting in shape.” Quite frankly, most of these people are working too hard on the wrong things and they aren’t making the progress they should be making. Try as they might, they aren’t as healthy as they want to be, or they should be. They just aren't getting the RESULTS they want!

At Motivate Fitness we truly believe in inspiring and helping others become successful in creating a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. We accomplish this by following our Core Values

  • Believe in The Greater Good (We not Me)

  • Always Do The Right Thing (Integrity) Help Others First

  • Exceed Expectations (Be Your Best)

  • Motivate and Encourage Others (Inspire)

  • Listen Completely and Authentically

  • Be Respectful and Thankful

  • Be Professional

  • Always Be Learning


Our Vision - A New Solution; Concierge Fitness

Our goal is to offer a new approach to fitness. Imagine if you had someone create an all-encompassing individualized fitness program for you that included all your nutritional needs? Most importantly what if you had someone hold you accountable by scheduling your workouts, reminding you of your appointments and checking in with you each month to track your progress? We bet you would get pretty awesome results, don’t you?

Well that’s exactly the service we provide at Motivate Fitness which we call Concierge Fitness.

When you become a member at Motivate Fitness you will be assigned a concierge trainer to:

  • Create a customized fitness program specifically for you and to guide you through your workout plus design programs for at home or when traveling.

  • Manage your workout schedule and appointments to maintain accountability and consistency.

  • Schedule monthly check ins to ensure that you are on track with your goals by measuring biometrics.

  • Send email reminders of appointments and weekly fitness tips

  • Provide healthy eating plans for at home, work or when dining out 

  • If necessary, use our vast network of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, soft tissue specialists and nutritionists to set up appointments for issues beyond our fitness scope.  


We focus on designing specific individualized programs for our client's success rather than cookie cutter workouts of the day that aren't appropriate for that individual. By using our Individualized Training Programs (ITP) we help our clients achieve the optimal RESULTS they desire as well as to live healthier lives – stronger, thinner and happier. Through the use of these programs they will also become more toned, more flexible and more energized.  Through our clients achieving these goals; this will ensure the success of our fitness center.

Our top-notch services are provided by friendly, knowledgeable staff of trainers. The center will be the safest, most professional, friendly and energizing fitness environment anywhere. And our services will extend far beyond the walls of the fitness center, with personalized fitness programs, nutrition plans and meal suggestions and daily email reminders to make healthy choices.


Our Mission

To ensure that our clients achieve the results they desire as well as achieve optimum health and fitness, we break down their fitness program into easy-to-follow small attainable goals to reinforce positive behavioral changes to create long lasting lifestyle changes.

Our Services 

With our current health care crisis and society’s understanding of the importance of exercise and nutrition for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle we are positioned to be a leader in health and wellness maintenance. We can achieve this by offering a full line of services utilizing our proprietary methods that produce results. These services include the following:

Group Fitness

Small group classes with carefully constructed workouts formed each week by certified coaches and instructors focused around improving functionality, increasing mobility and building muscles.

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