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Hybrid Membership

Worried about COVID and going to your gym? Well you’re not alone. If you’re like many people we’ve spoken to lately who are concerned about going back to their gym, we have a solution!


Join our small, clean and safe studio with our new Hybrid Membership! Our new hybrid program provides you with personalized programming allowing you to workout at home but also gives you full access to our studio during operating hours for more variety. The benefit of being a member at our studio versus other gyms is that we only allow 4 people in our studio at one time so you can be sure that it is clean and safe without worrying about overcrowding. This ensures we are able to safely maintain the CDC COVID guidelines.


The hybrid membership also includes the following:

  •  A personalized online personal training program utilizing our Trainerize app.

  • Your Trainerize program includes a customized workout calendar including exercise videos for easy to follow in-home instruction.

  • Unlimited usage of Motivate Fitness during hours in a safe and clean environment.

  • Access to our trainers while you're in the gym to help you with your program.

  • Two monthly check-ins with our trainers to discuss and go over your customized workout and nutrition program.

  • Nutrition journal and guide.

  • Unlimited access to our online group fitness classes

Month to Month Memberships
Membership will be prepaid month to month with a 30 day cancellation
policy. - $149 per month.
Annual Memberships
Special discount on our Annual membership, billed monthly. This secures
your pricing and includes FOUR WEEKS FREE! - $129 per month.