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20 Minute Fat Burning Workout

With the 4th of July fast approaching, we at Motivate Fitness want to provide you with as many fitness strategies as possible to help you enjoy a healthy summer.

So to get you bathing suit ready, give this 20 minute Fat Burning Workout a try. The good thing is you can do this with any type of cardio equipment or outside on your bike, in the water or simply on your two feet.

Here's how it works:

  • Work hard (sprint, peddle, swim) for 8 seconds.

  • Back off (recover- light walk, peddle, swim) for 12 seconds.

  • Repeat for 20 minutes.

  • Do this 3 days per week


It's literally that easy! Don't believe me, here's the research:

According to the study published in the Journal of Obesity, the workout above resulted in:

  • 4 pounds of fat loss, mainly in the abdominal area

  • A 17% reduction of visceral (sub-abdominal) belly fat

  • A measurably smaller waist size (as early as 6 weeks into the study)

  • Significant muscle mass gains in the legs

Attention! Those with Health Risks!

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