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3 Easy Habits to Help Lose Weight

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

You probably know by now that at Motivate Fitness we believe in creating better habits rather than quick fixes and extreme diets. Building better habits is the key to sustained healthy weight maintenance and long lasting health and wellness.

As I was reading through our Fit in 42 program it reminded me that we need to keep nutrition simple so here are 3 easily manageable tips to help you build better nutrition habits.

1) What You Eat Is More Important Than When You Eat

Intermittent fasting seems to be the new trend and there may be some people that this works very well for. However, whether you choose to intermittent fast or eat every three to four hours, the key to eat “real” foods rather than processed or nutrient deficient foods. (Watch the alcohol too!!!!)

2) Buy Healthy Food without Thinking

To accomplish tip #1 the best way to do this is when you go to the grocery store, only walk around the “outer ring” of the store and try to avoid the center aisles. The outer ring is where the healthy food usually lives: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, and nuts. These are items that grew or lived outdoors.

The aisles are where all of the boxed and processed stuff is placed. Don’t go down those aisles and you won’t buy those foods. Don’t buy those foods and they won’t be around for you to eat.

Something else that could help you, is simply avoiding the grocery store all together, and placing an order through our partners at Trifecta. They not only pick and plan the meals out for you. They use real chefs who prepare the food just as you would at home. No lines, No hassle and No temptation!

3) Eat Less Without Thinking

The simplest way to do this is to buy healthier foods and eat less overall. If you combine the above two strategies with consistency and exercise, then the rest usually takes care of itself. Here are two more habits for eating less.

· Use smaller plates, bowls, pans, etc.

Make less and serve less, and then you will eat less. These habits work much better than relying on willpower or counting calories.

Multiple research studies have shown that you will always fill your plate to the brim and eat it clean. Given that, if you want to eat less, the best way to do so is to use smaller plates.

While you’re at it, making the switch to dark green plates might be a good idea as well because it will increase the amount of green vegetables that you eat.

· Eat Slowly

Take time to chew and enjoy your food. Studies show that when you eat fast it takes longer for your brain to register that you are full. So the slower you eat, the fewer calories you consumer. Eating slower will give your brain a chance to realize it is full.

Busy schedule… Just no time to attempt these three rules or even maintain them, don’t worry about it. Our friends at Trifecta have your back. Featured in a number of well-known publications such Forbes and Mens Journal, they are fully equipped to handle all your nutritional needs in one place. All organic, fresh meals prepared by real chefs and FREE DELIVERY! No long efforts in the kitchen, no long time spent in the grocery store. Just a simple click and pick from their wide range of plans, and your all set. They even offer a la carte! So what are you waiting for.. Don’t let your eating habits be your down fall. Click the image below to get everything you need in one place.

Want more help, visit us at www.motivatefitnesspa.com and receive more helpful tips like above today!

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