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5 Tips for Fat Loss NOT Weight Loss

  1. Build Better Habits – there are NO quick fixes! True long lasting weight loss is not obtained through some fad diet of 30 or 60 days which, by the way, NEVER work. Why? Because these types of programs do nothing to build habits. Habits are created on repetition and frequency. Habits last forever and as soon as you stop doing it, it’s no longer a habit.

  2. Change Your Eating Habits – Start with WHY you make the choices you do. Stress, socializing, self-medicating, depression, anxiety? These are just some of the reasons why we tend to have poor eating habits. By simply becoming aware of the reason/s why we eat poorly, can have an incredibly positive effect on the choices we make.

  3. Sleep – Yeah, I know, it’s ridiculous to say get 8 hours of sleep. But research has shown time and time again that not enough sleep is linked to many detrimental side effects on our bodies and weight loss is one of the big ones! (See below)

  4. Break the Fast - Overnight, your body utilizes stored energy to restore and repair cells, organs, and tissues. (The more we sleep, the more efficiently this happens) When you wake, your energy stores are LOW, Cortisol levels are HIGH & metabolism is basically running on empty. Fuel your body’s internal furnace (METABOLISM) & eat within 15 minutes of waking. This will kick start your fat/calorie burning capacity for the rest of the day.

  5. Resistance Training – perform full body workouts 2 – 3 times per week. Research shows that resistance training is more effective at burning fat than traditional cardiovascular training. Studies also show that the body requires more energy (calories) to recover from a bout of resistance training and fat is its preferred choice. Resistance training will also help you increase your lean mass (muscle) causing a permanent increase in your metabolism.

Join us on Thursday January the 20th at 6pm for our Easy Fat Loss for the New Year webinar in which we will explain the current research on metabolism, hormone balance and how this can help you lose fat and keep it off for good! We been utilizing these new research methodologies over the last year with our Reset Program and have seen dramatic results with our members.

The Easy Fat Loss Webinar will teach you:

·How Keep the Fat Off

·How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

·Why Exercise More and Eating Less NEVER WORKS

·What is Constrained Energy Expenditure

·Metabolism Myths

·Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

·What Foods Make us Crave More

·Circadian Rhythm and Meal Timing

·Hypnosis and Eating Habits

·And much more……

You won't want to miss this Easy Fat Loss for The New Year, scheduled for Thursday January 20th at 6pm.

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