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5 Tips to Stay Lean for the Fourth

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Ah the Fourth of July..........Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, pretzel, potato chips, wine and of course cold beer.......Then diabetic coma on the Fifth. Wake up, feel like crap, step on the scale and bam! Three or four pounds heavier.

Fortunately though, this doesn’t have to be the case if you follow these 5 simple tips to help get you through the Holiday. Having a "game plan" or strategy can make all the difference!

1.  NEVER go to a picnic hungry - One of the most important things!  You are only setting yourself up to give into temptation. When you are hungry no amount of will-power will curb your appetite - especially with all that good stuff lying around.  If you stick to eating every three to four hours and/or right before you go out, you have a better chance at controlling how much you eat. Also, remember to have a good portion of healthy fats to keep you full!

2.  Avoid “Bad Carbohydrates” - Stay away from the breads, pasta's, potatoes, corn and sugars and substitute them with vegetables and nuts. Instead of having a dog or burger on a bun, try with out, mixed with a salad and fresh vegetables and lots of olive oil. Also watch out for the snacks that are high in sugar and white flours. 

3.  Alcohol contains a lot of sugar/carb calories - Beer and wine are the worst! Try to alternate between drinking water and alcohol. This will not only reduce the amount of drinks you consume, but will help you feel a little fuller. By drinking water it will help to flush the alcohol out of your system more quickly so that your liver can do its job of metabolizing fat. This can make you feel better the next day as well. Moderation is the key here!

4. Do resistance or interval training in the morning - Exercising will not only make you feel better, but it will also raise your metabolism and help you burn more of the unwanted calories. Another benefit is that the body can also utilize carbohydrates more efficiently due to the bout of exercise that lowers your blood sugar. Just remember to eat after your workout so you are not ravenous later that day!! (Consume some fat too) This is especially important if you are going out shortly after.

5. Moderation and commit to getting back on track the next day - Don't go crazy by denying yourself some pleasures, just do it in moderation. Tip number four will help you buffer some of the excess carbs too. If you commit to getting up the next morning for a workout odds are you'll stay a little more in control that day. 

Enjoy your time, but remember your health along the way, and if you find your self falling completely off the horse, stop on in and let us help you get back on track!

From our families to yours we would like to wish you all a  happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!

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