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Brain Boost Recipe by Anna Byrnes

Updated: Jul 8

Anna is currently attending Thomas Jefferson University’s MS/RDN program in the pursuit of her credentials to become a licensed RDN. She has been apart of the Motivate family for over 4 years, guiding semi-private sessions, leading fitness classes, and building meaningful connections through the small and supportive community at Motivate Fitness. She looks forward to providing valuable nutrition information through emails and conversations while she continues her education to later provide nutrition counseling to Motivate members after graduating in the spring of 2023.

This summer I’m sharing one of my go-to trail mix recipes as of lately. Somehow our already busy lives seem to become even busier as the summer months hit and we are out and about all day. This is a wholesome staple to keep you on track for a quick boost of energy while also layering the ground work of healthy habits and lots of vital nutrients to keep you physically moving, cognitively sharp, and positively glowing all through this summer.

Click below to enjoy this delicious recipe!

Brain Boost Recipe Anna
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Not only is this mix diverse and delicious, but it is also packed full of superpower foods…

Brazil nuts - Just a singular Brazil nut contains almost 100% of your daily selenium recommendations according to the FDA.

Along with the nut’s antioxidant properties, ensuring you’re eating enough selenium in the day can help reduce brain fog, boost energy, and make it easier to fall asleep into restful sleep.

Pumpkin Seeds - The addition of pumpkin seeds to your mix increases your iron intake which can reduce some daily fatigue, especially if you don’t eat red meat often or have chronic iron deficiency anemia. There is magnesium to support deep and restful sleep. And our favorite mineral to keep our immune system kicking and colds at bay, zinc.

As an aside, selenium and magnesium supplementation has shown to have cardio protective effects!

Sunflower Seeds - Vitamin E can be hard to come by, so unless you’re eating copious amounts of avocados and spinach you may be missing out on the antioxidants and skin repairing properties of this vitamin. Sunflower seeds have got you covered with 70% of your recommended daily value in 2 TBS!

Almonds - Adding in even more vitamin E, plus fiber, Almonds also contain copper to support your blood health and immunity. Zinc heals wounds from the inside out. Additionally, manganese helps with keeping balanced hormones and the connections between your bones and muscles.

Walnuts/Pecans - Increase your fiber, copper, manganese, zinc, and omega-3 intake throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate - Rich in iron and manganese, adding in a delightful sweet like dark chocolate can help add iron satisfy a sweet tooth and give yourself the grace to make life a little sweeter.

Fiber Enriched Craisins - Not only will these enhance your mix with pick-me-up carbohydrates, but by choosing a dried cranberry enriched with fiber you’ll be getting less sugar and improving your digestion all in one.

Peanuts - If peanuts are right for you, adding peanuts into your mix will boost your folate, protein, vitamin E, and fiber intake.

Any of these ingredients can be omitted or swapped depending on your dietary needs. Use your creativity to mix up a combination that’s best for you!

Remember, carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for energy in the brain and healthy fats keep all the cogs a well oiled machine.

Happy snacking!

Be well,

Anna Byrnes

With the addition of Anna’s nutrition education to the motivate Team, we are able to provide you with the healthiest, safest and most cutting-edge research backed fitness and wellness information tips of any gym in the area. See why we're the BEST!

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