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Challenge vs Lifestyle Change

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

In order to truly make a change in one’s health it is important that as health professionals we put long-term success in our clients health, over making quick profits. Yes, a quick fix is everyone’s go to, but does it actually do what we need it to do or is it just doing what we want it to do? Think about that habit rule, if it takes 90 days to turn a habit into a lifetime action, is anything less actually going to help you in the long run, or is it just going to have you coming back for more once all those great results you strived for begin to disappear. There are a lot of differences between challenges and lifestyle programs, below we listed a few.

They Push For Fast Results

Today you visited your doctor and learned you have high blood pressure. He or she tells you it is vital that you get in the habit of exercising and change your diet. When you get home you immediately begin to scan across facebook to find different solutions. A little way into your scan you see a 30 day transformation challenge, following that ad is another ad with a 25 day nutrition challenge that guarantees you will lose major pounds. Eager to find an immediate solution, you click through both, and put your faith into the 30 day challenge. The creators of these challenges are smart, they are hitting your need for a quick fix. But with the amount of money you are going to invest, wouldn’t you want something that will actually provide you with a long-term solution? Or do you waste your money and go through this again in another 6 months or so? With a lifestyle change program the goal is to help understand not only how to fix your problem (high blood pressure, high A1C, weight loss), it is about how to prevent the problem from recurring.

They Provide Short Explanation, and no education

Imagine when you were a kid in school, recollecting how you were able to obtain long-term knowledge like grammatics, mathematics, and science. Of course there are some things today that you may not remember, but you still have the basics in mind. This is because someone took the time to break down these concepts and explain them to you. That person gave you outside work and if you were struggling they took the time to give you extra attention.

That is the concept behind lifestyle programs, which is why they work and challenges don’t. Since time is limited with challenges, the focus is not on the fine details. Therefore, you are less likely to learn the concepts behind the process you are enduring, which is why so many fail mid-way through or weeks after completing. In a lifestyle program you look deeper into what it actually means to get healthy versus just losing weight. The magnifying glass isn’t just focused on one thing but rather the entire machine such as learning what type of exercises are beneficial to your body, what type of foods do you need to consume, how many calories do you need to consume, how many meals per day should you consume, are you sleeping correctly, are you properly hydrating. It’s the complete understanding of all of these components that are important for one to have a long lasting healthy and happy lifestyle.

Over Reaching Good, Over Training Bad

Your body is a machine, but it is not one that is built to withstand overtraining, especially if it is already in an unhealthy state. Before jumping into working out for an hour, 5-7 times a week, you need to know and understand what your body can withstand. With challenges, participants get so focused on that set goal of weight loss, that they take poor actions like not eating enough or working out too hard. If you are going from rarely ever working out, to a high intensive hour long workout twice a day, you are putting yourself at high risk of severely injuring yourself and by the way, this process is impossible to maintain long term.

Like a challenge, lifestyle programs are not made for everyone. They are made for individuals who genuinely want to experience long-term health. They are a great solution to the effects of long-term unhealthy decisions, but they require patience, work and dedication. We take a lifestyle change approach with our FIT IN 42 program. Our goal is not to take your money and leave you stranded. Our focus is not to help you make a temporary change. The purpose is to create long-term sustainable success in order to improve your health and wellness. We focus on teaching, supporting, and guiding you from beginning to end. We spend days or weeks, if needed, focusing on bad habits and how to break them and even longer teaching you new habits. We focus on helping eat properly for your specific body type. We eliminate the feeling of exclusion. We create individualized plans for both nutrition and fitness.

We understand that getting healthy is not easy, and it can’t happen overnight. That is why we make it our goal to make this process as smooth and as comfortable as we can for you.

Do you or someone you know need a real lifestyle change? Click the banner below to learn how FIT IN 42 is the best solution.

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