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Our New Approach To Breaking Limits

Proven fact, it takes 21 days to develop a habit, 90 days to turn that habit into a lifestyle. With that in the back of your mind, ask yourself this, is it really possible for you to achieve a full lifestyle transformation in 42 days or less? At Motivate Fitness, we believe there is more to it than that!. Which is why we have decided to change our approach with our lifestyle change program FIT IN 42.

When deciding to add FIT IN 42 to our list of programs, we had no doubt in our minds that this was the right program for creating long-lasting sustainable success in someone’s health. From its individualized meal plans to the weekly seminars, daily emails, and overall fitness approach; it is bound to help not only change one's body, but also one's mind. Which perfectly aligns with our mission. It is one thing to help someone lose weight through fitness and nutrition development. It is another to help them go from a completely unhealthy lifestyle to a long term healthy one.

Scientific-fact based, is what we build our concept of health and fitness around. Knowing what we know, we started off our program and noticed the impeccable changes that it was creating. Those who participated, were not only seeing results, they were feeling better, feeling happier, and by the end had a better understanding of what was important. But then we started to notice a pattern. People knew what they had to do and though they still had access to all the tools we provided them, it still was not enough to keep them going forever. After some time, they fell back into old habits and the results they worked so hard for, began to diminish after a few months of completing our program.

This was displeasing and hard for us to accept. We love this program because of its purpose, we love the results, so the question became, how do we take the incredible results we were seeing in 42 days and make them become long-lasting habits for a lifetime? We did our research and realized that we needed to create different expectations. What we found was that most participants look at this program in the short term, meaning that once they “cross the finish line” at the end of 42 days they are done with the program and this is where the problem lies. We suddenly realized that this is what the other expensive, gimmicky, quick fix challenges and transformations promote. Which is why they don’t work long term.

We needed to find a way to take our already successful program, remove that mindset and replace it with one that makes more sense. We had to do something different. Not only should we be helping you develop new habits, but more importantly, we should be helping you maintain these habits long term.

Yes, the core program is still FIT IN 42 where we will spend 42 days helping you learn and develop what you need to live a healthy lifestyle, but now we will spend the other 323 days helping you maintain these practices so that the change is not temporary. So that there is no more “what’s next” stage along your journey.

We have now created a true lifestyle change program, that will actually benefit you for the rest of your life.

Our new FIT IN 42 program will launch April 6. Want to learn more about the program and if it is the right approach for, click the banner below to schedule your free one on one consultation with one of our health and fitness coaches.

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