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The Secret to Long term Fat Loss Isn’t Counting Calories

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Inflammation in the body is the number one reason why we store excess fat!

“Obesity is an inflammatory brain disease” – Dr. Jack Kruse

In my last article (Read Here) I explained the 3500-calorie myth and why it is pointless to count calories. Here’s why, neither of these strategies do anything to reduce inflammation in the body. In fact, in many cases, just the opposite can happen.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve probably at one point in your life struggled to lose fat and keep it off. You probably hit a good streak and lost some weight only to find that as soon as got off track a little bit, the weight piled back on plus some extra too.

In my 20+ years as a fitness professional, I’ve seen this cycle all too many times. However, I now understand that the missing key in all of this is that we need to control inflammation within the body. Not count calories!

Here’s a very simplified cyclical version of what I mean:

1. Processed foods and daily alcohol consumption (glass or two of wine with dinner) subjects us to inflammation due to the fact that the liver can’t detoxify the blood. If the Liver is a poor sieve, we open ourselves up to inflammation.

2. Stress also causes inflammation. We are designed to handle stress in small amounts (like running from a tiger) NOT on a chronic basis.

3. The body produces cortisol in an effort to reduce inflammation caused by stress and certain foods that affect our gut health.

4. High cortisol is a byproduct of chronic stress, poor diet, leaky gut, or the liver’s inability to detoxify which can increase inflammation as well as decrease muscle mass.

5. To make more cortisol the body steals pregnenolone from other hormones which in turn decreases progesterone, DHEA, estrogen, testosterone and Vitamin D We need high levels of these hormones to burn fat!

6. Chronic inflammation in the body affects the brain, specifically the hypothalamus (which regulates our metabolism) causing Leptin Resistance.

7. Leptin is the key! It’s the master hormone and conductor of energy metabolism but also controls hunger, appetite, satiety and regulates the synthesis of glucose.

8. Leptin Resistance blinds the brain to energy needs and control of how calories are partitioned to the peripheral cells (stores them as fat) and drives cortisol levels even higher.

9. Leptin resistance also alters the receptors that control the wiring and firing of our rewards tracts in the brain making us slaves to the high reward foods such as processed carbs.

10. Once Leptin resistance happens, the dominos begin to fall.

So, as you can see, the 3500-calorie myth or counting calories does nothing to address inflammation issues therefore making it a not so optimal way to go if you are looking to lose fat and keep it off for good.

However, if you can control inflammation and avoid Leptin Resistance, you can control your body’s natural ability to burn and store fat leading to long term success and much better health. This my friends, is the real secret to long term fat loss. Not counting calories!

For more information about this and about our new Leptin Reset Nutritional Program please fill out this FORM. It’s going to be a game changer!

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