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What is FIT IN 42?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

With just two weeks to go before our Fifth FIT IN 42 experience I wanted to take the time to not only explain the purpose behind FIT IN 42, but also to highlight its importance and tackle its misconceptions. So... What is FIT IN 42? FIT IN 42 is a 42 day life transformation experience dedicated to help create a more positive, happier, and healthier lifestyle. The focus is on ALL of the key fitness components that are needed to help one reach their ultimate health and wellness goals. FIT IN 42 is NOT designed just to teach you how to work out, nor is it just to help lose weight. We say that it is NOT a quick fix program, because ultimately the goal is way bigger. With FIT IN 42 you will learn to develop and maintain long-term habits like an 8 hour sleep schedule; a healthier eating schedule and an unconscious ritual of constant physical action, whether that be inside the gym or out. The end goal is to help you gain awareness of the importance of your health. While participating in FIT IN 42, we teach you how to avoid temptation, avoid the voice that tells you to go home instead of going the gym, the voice that says to pick the burger over the salad. Our mission is to change your mindset, build your confidence and provide you with the proper tools and resources needed to make these habits last forever. “But I already know how too...” A few things we hear often as to why someone chooses to not participate in the experience are; “But I already know how to workout,” or “ I already know how to eat properly, I don’t need these things.” All great factors, but that is not the end all. The amazing part about FIT IN 42 is the program is personal, we are glad to hear that you are already a head of the game, and have already gotten the ball rolling. Now let us help you move further; with FIT IN 42 we meet you at whatever stage you are in your life. The experience is not just designed for those who are inactive in or unaware in the health and fitness lifestyle. The experience is truly designed for all. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes down to these two factors alone. There are a lot of other aspects that need to be explored, take the challenge to learn more. “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. “ Jiddu Krishnamurti

“ I just don’t think I have the time...” Time, like many other things, is important, and scarce. It is something that has to be spent wisely. In a podcast titled Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time FIT IN 42 Co-Founder Casey Washack highlights this concept by making a number of valid points. Point 1: There is no such thing as the perfect time. There will always be something going on, your daily activities will constantly evolve and grow as the time prolongs. By continually telling yourself that you need to wait until the perfect time, you are going to find that: #1- You will never get it done #2 -You place a bunch of other new time-consuming activities before it The perfect time is now, and if you have a million things going on in your life at once take a step back. See what activities can be cut back or as Casey says, “What can be batched.” An example he uses is cooking. If you take a few hours on the weekend to meal prep all your meals for the week, you can save an hour or two each night. Point 2: “Smooth seas never created skilled sailors” The perfect time to do FIT IN 42 is when your life is hectic. By doing that, you are instilling these habits at point in time where they become highly important. Your health and wellness is number one. Without it, you are unable to go to work or take the kids to soccer. Therefore the key is to learn how to set aside time for you; whether it is first thing in the morning, sometime in the afternoon or in the evening. Remember, the most valuable asset you have is your health and wellness and maintaining it is a process. However, if you take the time to focus on your well-being when there is the upmost chaos in your life, then it becomes a simple life long task.

Remember: “If it’s always easy once it starts to get difficult you’ll never know how to manage it.” Casey Washack

We congratulate all of those who have taken this challenge, and completed it. We encourage those who are still weary, to give it a try! FIT IN 42 is all about you and your needs. The purpose of each stage and action is to help you ultimately reach your health goals, gain more confidence; and all in all, become a lot more aware about your health. From our weekly accountability meetings to our workout sessions, there is a coach who sticks by you every single step of the way. You are not left alone and you are not left with a scam. You are not just given a workout or a nutrition plan and forgotten about. Your health is just as valuable to us as it is to you and your loved ones. Let’s come together to help you grow. Not just physically, emotionally and mentally.

Check out these REAL RESULTS below ! For more information, contact us today!   215-643-8877 motivatfitnesspa@gmail.com https://billtok.wufoo.com/forms/q79tzw20phh5l9/

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