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Why Exercise More / Eat Less is Bad Advice

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Be honest, do you believe exercising more and eating less will result in fat loss? It’s ok if you said yes, because that is exactly what is touted by most fitness professionals. Hell, I used to believe the same thing too, however after years of prescribing to this method I realized, the results are just way to inconsistent and certainly never work long term.

In recent articles, I explained why the 3500-calorie myth doesn’t work and how reducing inflammation in the body is the key to long term fat loss. Hopefully this information is beginning to open your eyes to a different way of looking at long term fat loss and improved health and wellness.

Here is a quick explanation of why the exercise more / eat less method doesn’t work:

  • Poor Nutritional Calories (NOT NUMBER OF CALORIES) and chronic stress causes inflammation.

  • Once inflammatory chemicals are present in the general circulation, they head to the two most prominent organs based upon blood flow, the brain and the heart.

  • The first effect of inflammation is to overwhelm the brain, specifically the hypothalamus which controls our metabolism and where the leptin receptors are located.

  • When Leptin receptors become overwhelmed with inflammation, the hypothalamus becomes blind to energy needs and status and prevents control of how calories are partitioned, burned and stored. This is Leptin Resistance!

  • Leptin is the master hormone and conductor of energy metabolism but also controls hunger, appetite, satiety and regulates the synthesis of glucose.

  • How the Hypothalamus is supposed to work is:

  • Leptin gets released from our fat stores telling the hypothalamus that we have sufficient fat stores. Once receiving the signal, the hypothalamus then releases hormones to keep our hunger at bay and to keep our metabolism humming along. (By consuming proper national calories, your body will just automatically burn fat without the need to count calories!)

However, when we are Leptin Resistance, the hypothalamus thinks we are actually starving because it is unable to receive information from leptin causing the body to go into a survival mode. When this happens, two really bad things happen causing a vicious cycle that exercising more and eating less actually make worse!

  1. First, the hypothalamus thinks there isn’t enough fat in the body so it slows down our metabolism to conserve energy

  2. Second, it also increases our appetite for bad carbs all in effort to restock what is believed to be depleted fat reserves. (Humm…did you catch that?)

Think about it, if the brain thinks we are starving (due to leptin resistance) which in turn causes a slowdown in our metabolism to conserve energy and an increase in our appetites, why the hell would we exercise more and eat less?

It makes absolutely no sense what so ever to exercise more and eat less. As you can see, it will make things worse as it’s the complete opposite of what our brain/body is trying to do! We need to fix the cause, not the symptom……

To do that, the advice that needs to be prescribed is a Leptin Reset program designed to reduce inflammation through proper nutritional calories and an exercise program that compliments the nutritional component. Now you’re set up for success!

If you are serious about learning how to lose fat and would like more information on our Leptin Reset program, contact us at Motivate Fitness 215-643-8877 or fill out the Leptin Reset Program form HERE

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