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Working Out Doesn’t Just Make You Stronger, It Makes You Smarter!

If you need another good reason to keep on exercising just take a look at this article:


As you can see both children and adults truly benefit in many ways from just 30 minutes of daily activity. So to help you with that here's a simple workout to increase your Gray Matter as well as your fitness level. The best part is you can do this as a family!

Here's how it works. Perform the each exercise for 20 seconds as quickly as you can with PERFECT form and a 10 second rest in between. At the completion of all the exercises take a 1-2 minute rest. Repeat 3-7 times. 

Body Weight Squats for 20 seconds - with your core tight shift your weight onto your heels as you descend into the squat position. Think about bending more from the hips rather then the knees. This will activate your glute muscles more and help take the pressure off your knees. Go as low as you are comfortable with and DO NOT let your knees cave in or bow out.  

10 Second Rest

Standing Tight Core Rotations for 20 seconds - Get in a good athletic stance with elbows at your side and hands pressed together. Keeping your core tight rotate your hands and shoulders from side to side in a small range of motion. Think about standing in a door way and letting your hands move only as far as hitting each side of the door frame.

10 Second Rest

Mountain Climbers for 20 seconds - start in a push up position and drive your knees (alternating) towards your chest as quickly as possible.  Keep your core tight and maintain good push up position. 

10 Second Rest

Lunge Jumps for 20 seconds - start in a lunge position. From there jump up and switch your stance. (So if you started with your left foot forward, now your right foot should be forward.)  

10 Second Rest

Marching Hip Lifts for 20 seconds - lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and hands at your side. Start by lifting your hips off the floor while pressing your arms into the floor keeping your core tight and squeezing your shoulder blades together. From this position in an alternating fashion extend each leg from the knee and DO NOT let your hips drop.  

Rest 1-2 Minutes

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