Semi-Private Personal Training


We believe, that each individual possesses their own unique movement capabilities and limitations; injury history, medical history, strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. This is what makes you great and beautiful. However, it is these attributes that make the one size fits all, non-individualized approaches completely ineffective. 

Our Vision - A New Solution; Concierge Fitness

Imagine if you had someone create an all-encompassing individualized fitness program for you that included all your nutritional needs? Most importantly what if you had someone hold you accountable by scheduling your workouts, reminding you of your appointments and checking in with you each month to track your progress? We bet you would get pretty awesome results, don’t you?

Well that’s exactly the service we provide at Motivate Fitness which we call Concierge Fitness.

When you become a member at Motivate Fitness you will be assigned a concierge trainer to:

  • Create a customized fitness program specifically for you and to guide you through your workout plus design programs for at home or when traveling.

  • Manage your workout schedule and appointments to maintain accountability and consistency.

  • Schedule monthly check in’s to ensure that you are on track with your goals by measuring biometrics.

  • Send email reminders of appointments and weekly fitness tips

  • Provide healthy eating plans for at home, work or when dining out  


If necessary we can utilize our vast network of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, soft tissue specialists and nutritionists to set up appointments for issues beyond our fitness scope.  

Proprietary Training Systems

Through the use of our proprietary training systems we provide the highest quality of services, experiences and daily support to our members.

To achieve the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time, the workouts will consist of 2 resistance training sessions and 2-3 metabolic conditioning class per week. The weight training sessions will be done in groups of 3-4 clients and the conditioning will be groups of 8-10. The reason for this is because it has been proven that exercising in small groups produces better results due to the fact that most will push themselves harder because of the motivation from others in the group. There is also the social aspect which creates a bonding environment that can help produce more endorphins and keeps the clients more accountable for showing up for their sessions. All programs will be customized for each person based on their exercise level and goals. So it is completely personalized. Every week they will increase the intensity of the program and after 4 weeks they receive a new program.




Identify functional limitations and asymmetries that can reduce the effects of functional training



Accomadate physiological principles individual differences when creating your personalized training program


Train under the supervision of our professional staff with constant attention and personal coaching


Continue your fitness journey with continual progression achieving your calculated goals

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