Golf Fitness Classes are back at Motivate Fitness!


Obviously swing lessons with your Pro are extremely important but in some cases swing faults are due to poor mobility and strength. If your lessons seem to be redundant in that you work on the same things over and over again, it may be time to address your physical limitations. Common physical limitations that can cause swing faults include: 

  • Lack of core and glute strength

  • Inability to separate the upper and lower body

  • Inadequate core and low body stability

  • Lack of shoulder and hip flexibility, mobility, and/or stability

  • Lack of thoracic spine mobility


One area I've found to be crucial is the ability to hinge at your hips and deep squat. According to the Titleist Performance Institute 65% of amateurs have some type of loss of posture during their golf swing. The reason this happens is due to the inability to properly hip hinge and deep squat which is caused by the above mentioned limitations.


Join us this Winter at Motivate Fitness and learn how to fix theses physical limitations so you can improve your game!


This will be a 8 Week Program with a few different time options to choose from. All you need to do is choose the one that best suits your schedule and email us back.

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