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3 Outdoor Summer Workouts

Now that summer is in full swing, it's can become pretty easy to get a little lax with our workout and nutrition program. The thing is, if you gained a few extra Pandemic Pounds, then you could be facing a tough battle come September.

So to help you keep from packing on too many pounds, here are a few workouts you can try to keep you lean and in great shape this summer. These make a perfect vacation workout too!

Sand or Outdoor Park Workout

  • Shuttle Runs Make three parallel lines in the sand, 5 yards apart. Straddle the middle line with your knees slightly bent and your arms bent so your hands are in front of your thighs. Move to your right and bend at the knees to touch the line with your right hand, then run to the left and touch the far left line with your left hand. Then return to the middle and continue until you've completed four runs to each side.

  • Heavy Sand Skips- Skip forward so that you're jumping and landing on the same foot. Work on leaping as high as possible by driving your knee upward as you push off the ground with your opposite foot. Do five skips on each leg.

  • Push-ups - As many as you can varying your hand width from narrow to wide each set.

  • Life Guard Stand Body Weight Rows - using a lifeguard grab the middle slat on the side of the stand and walk underneath the stand. With feet flat and knees bent perform as many body weight rows as you can.

Pool Workout

  • Treading Intervals- In deep water, tread as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Then go easy or float on your back for 30 seconds. Fit in 30 bursts over your afternoon at the pool and you'll scorch nearly 300 calories.

  • The Helicopter- Squat in waist- to rib cage-deep water, then jump up and "jog" vigorously for a count of 6. Repeat for 1 minute, then rest for 15 seconds. Do 2 more times.

  • Arm Presses- Stand in chest-deep water with palms open and fingers spread and move your arms back and forth and up and down. Increase your speed for a greater challenge. Repeat for 1 minute, then rest for 15 seconds. Do 2 more times.

Ocean Workout

  • Wave Jumping- Head out into waist-deep water, crouch down, and jump over the waves as they come in. Try jumping backward or sideways, or scissoring your legs.

  • The Ocean Push-and-Pull- Simply staying upright as the waves hit you works your abs and back to tone your torso. You can turn your back to the waves as well. Also try balancing on one foot to work more muscles.

  • Surf Runs- Head out into waist-deep water and run parallel to the shore line against the current. Go for 30 to 40 yards then walk back and repeat.

  • Breaststroke - Head out into waist-deep water and swim parallel to the shore line against the current. Go for 50 to 100 yards then walk back and repeat.

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