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Losing Weight is a Lousy Goal

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Do you want to lose weight or lose fat? If your goal is to lose weight, then please follow the standard advice of exercise more and eat less. This may help you lose weight, but it will more than likely be short term and you’ll definitely lose muscle weight as well. You’ll also gain all the weight back plus extra too!

However, if you are interested in losing fat and maintaining muscle, which both promote long term health benefits then keep reading.

Let’s get something straight, total body weight means absolutely nothing in regards to better health. The only thing that matters is body fat percentage. The higher your bodyfat percentage, the more inflammation you have in your body. Period!

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say we have a 50yr old woman, Mary. (Guy’s, this works exactly the same for you as well so pay attention!) Mary weighs 160lbs with a bodyfat percentage of 36%. (she is almost obese according to the bodyfat chart) Here is what her numbers would look like:

Mary – 160lbs

· 57.6lbs of fat

· 102.4lbs of muscle/bone

So, let’s Mary follows the typical advice to starve herself and exercise more. In 4 weeks, she checks her numbers again.

This time Mary steps on the scale and she weighs 145lbs and her bodyfat is now 34%. Now you might be thinking, that’s fantastic, she lost 15lbs! However, if you do the math, here is what the numbers really mean: (BTW 34% is still only fair on the bodyfat chart)

Mary – 145lbs (lost 15lbs)

· Bodyfat 34% (Only lost 2%)

· 49.3lbs of fat (Only lost 8.3lbs fat)

· 95.7lbs of muscle/bone (LOST 6.7lbs of muscle!)

As you can see, she lost 15lbs on the scale. However, Mary only lost 8lbs of fat. More concerning is she lost a significant amount of muscle and bone mass! (Guy’s this happens to you as well because your Testosterone levels are low)

This is the problem with only thinking of weight loss. You have no idea what you are losing and I can guarantee if you are losing muscle and bone in that amount, you have way bigger underlying problems. Chronic elevated cortisol levels in particular.

Conditions related to high cortisol:

· Increased appetite and food cravings

· Increased body fat and visceral fat

· Decrease in muscle mass

· Decreased bone density - osteoporosis

· Mood swings

· Memory and learning impairment

· Impaired immune response

So, as you can see, focusing on losing body weight isn’t a great strategy for long term better health and fat loss maintenance. The key is to focus on losing bodyfat and maintaining your lean muscle. This is the only way to decrease your bodyfat percentage.

Here’s what that would like if Mary focused on decreasing her bodyfat percentage to 28% which is “Very Good” according to the bodyfat chart:

Mary – 150lbs (lost 10lbs) started at 160lbs

· Bodyfat 28% (lost 8%) started at 36% (Obese)

· 42lbs of fat (Lost 15.6lbs fat) started at 57.6

· 108lbs of muscle/bone (Gained 5.6lbs of muscle!) started at 102.4

This is the definition of “tone” as not only did Mary lose fat, she increases her lean weight and most importantly lost inches! I also can guarantee that her inflammation dropped dramatically and is no longer Leptin Resistant.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to lose, body weight or fat weight. Hopefully this information helps paint a clearer picture as to why the later is a much better strategy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today with our Leptin Reset Fit in 42 Program to learn how decrease your bodyfat, inflammation and inches while increasing your lean weight to have that tone body you’ve always wanted!

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Here are real life results in just 14 DAYS!


  • Lost 12.2lbs of Fat

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  • Increased 1.5lbs of muscle

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