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The Motivate Fitness Leptin Reset Program

Chris got these amazing results in just 8 weeks!

  • Lost 26.4lbs of Fat

  • Decreased Body Fat Percentage by 6%

  • Lost 6.5 inches off her Waist

  • Lost 5.5 inches off he Hips

Here’s how the Motivate Fitness Leptin Reset Program works

· 7-Day Leptin Reset Cleanse Plan (Week 1) designed to clear the gut and intestinal tract to prepare the body for the Leptin Reset Plan.

· Leptin Reset Nutritional Plan (Weeks 2-6) designed to heal the gut and intestinal tract along with increasing the immune system while reducing inflammation allowing the body to reset its natural hormone balance leading to greater fat loss and increased muscle tone.

· Post Leptin Reset Nutritional Plan (Weeks 7 and on) design as a long-term lifestyle nutritional plan to return the body to its natural weight set point and to maintain a healthy and strong body.

Included in the easy to follow Motivate Fitness Leptin Reset Program are the following:

1) 7-Day Leptin Reset Cleanse Manual and Recipes

2) Supplements for the Cleanse Program

· Protein Powder

· Multi-Vitamin

· Daily Cleanse

· Super Greens

· EstroLean (Women) / Natural Test Boost (Men)

· Omega-3

· Vitamins D+K

· Vita Naturals Psyllium Husk

3) 150-page Leptin Reset / Post Leptin Reset Cook Book

4) 28 Day Meal Plan with Recipes (To follow after Leptin Reset Plan)

5) Weekly weigh-in and accountability meetings

6) Weekly nutrition seminar to explain each

nutritional plan

7) 3 Semi-Private training sessions per week

This program is specifically designed for individuals who have been struggling to maintain a healthy weight or have been caught in the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting without long term results.

If you're ready for real long term success like Chris,

Click Here and get started!

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