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Why big gym chains don’t create real results.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

You know that the big gym chains (like LA fitness and Planet Fitness) models are built around you NOT showing up, right???

The typical model for health clubs and gyms is based on the fact that most people stop showing up after the first 45-60 days of enrollment. Statistically 67% of the people who have gym memberships don't use them. This model is good for them because they can sell your spot over and over again and not worry about the gym being overcrowded. After all, the bottom line for them is profit (i.e. selling memberships) not whether you get in shape or not.

Call me crazy but I don't think that's a good model for you if your goal is to get results! Personally I think this model sucks! This is not the way fitness is supposed to be done.

The biggest reasons why people stop going is because they don't know what they are doing or the program they use doesn't fit their goals and abilities. Therefore they don't get results, they get discouraged and they stop going. Well I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to do something let alone pay for it if I didn't get the results I wanted either.  

So how do we change this... By simply breaking the walls and creating a different model. By allowing someone to help keep us accountable. By making sure we constantly develop new workout routines to help keep our workouts constantly engaging and proactive. Lastly by making sure we understand that our health matters! Your health is more than a membership and it is about time you treat it as such!

That is why at Motivate Fitness, we have decided to launch our Your Health Your Fitness Campaign. To help everyone understand, that improving your health does not have to be difficult. This does not have to be an unwanted chore or a non beneficial activity. It should also be a personal experience.

Remember what works for some else does not work for you, the one size fits all method is not the umbrella you want to be under, especially if you are trying to develop actual results.

Here are some techniques we use to help provide our members with the up most beneficial experience:

  • Free Consultations: these help us evaluate our clients needs, based on their movement ability, past injuries, and ultimate goals.

  • Personalized Programs: Everyone is built different, there is not one person whose body type is like the other. That is why it is important to have your own workout and nutrition plan. Running on the treadmill and doing the elipticle is fine, but not if that is the only thing you have been doing everyday for the past five months. Did you receive a workout plan? check with your neighbor, I bet they are both the same. Every member receives their own plan made just for them. Every three weeks this plan is switched to keep them from getting bored and body from becoming stagnant.

  • Weekly accountability checks: In order to make sure we are all on the same page, we make it a priority to meet with our members one on one to discuss their goals and make sure we are doing everything together to reach those goals once a week. In these meetings we discuss nutritional habits as well as workout habits. If a member is out for more than three sessions we check in on them to not only make sure everything is okay, but to make sure we can get them back on track! If they fail, we fail and their health is way too important to us to allow that. Remember the key to success is showing up!

It is time we create a change and start making our health and wellness needs a priority; stop being just a number and start being an actual person whose health matters. No more allowing gyms to let you fail. Start looking into more facilities like ours that make you and your health a main priority.

Want to learn more about Motivate Fitness and all it has to offer? click here, or contact us today at 215 643 8871/ motivatefitnesspa@gmail.com We would love to show you why your health is worth more than a membership!

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