The main goal of the Motivate Fitness training philosophy is a simple one: inspiring and helping others become successful in creating a long lasting healthy lifestyle. However, the process of developing this philosophy was not so simple. The story of Motivate Fitness begins in Northeast Philadelphia with our founder, Bill Tokmajian. Although not from an affluent background, Bill grew up in a very tight-knit community. His two biggest role models were his parents, who dedicated their time not only to their children, but also to assisting their community in any way possible. Bill’s mother was the nurse on the block, making her the first person the neighbors would call if they had a medical issue. Bill’s father, an accountant, tutored many of the neighborhood kids in math whenever he had the time.

Watching his parents selflessly help those around them to the best of their ability, Bill made the conscious decision to lead his life in a way that would not only be beneficial to his well-being, but the well-being of his community as well. From the ideals of Bill’s parents, the Core Values of Motivate Fitness were born:

· Believe in The Greater Good (We not Me)

· Always Do The Right Thing (Integrity) Help Others First

· Exceed Expectations (Be Your Best)

· Motivate and Encourage Others (Inspire)

· Listen Completely and Authentically

· Be Respectful and Thankful

· Be Professional

· Always Be Learning

Using these Core Values as our most important guidelines, Motivate Fitness has evolved into much more than just a gym. We have grown into a very close community, where our clients aren’t simply just customers, but instead they are friends and family. Motivate Fitness breaks the cookie-cutter, large gym mold by allowing all of our clients to feel comfortable training here, because they feel loved and supported. Our personalized training programs are built specifically for an individual’s body type and goals, reducing injuries and maximizing results. The combination of our personalized training programs and our community will not only keep you physically fit, but it will keep you laughing through your workouts, too! Motivate Fitness is more than just a New Year’s Resolution, it is a family and a community that prides itself on healthy living, education, and fraternity. It is a community that everyone deserves.

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