With our current health care crisis and society’s understanding of the importance of exercise and nutrition for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle; we are positioned to be a leader in health and wellness maintenance. We can achieve this by offering a full line of services utilizing our proprietary methods that produce results. These services include the following:

Semi Private Personal Training

This is a custom designed individual program based on the results from your personalized fitness screening. Once we fully understand your specific movement abilities, goals and past injury history we will create the perfect program for YOU. Sessions are done in groups of 2 or 3 for extra motivation and to help you stay accountable so you can achieve your goals!

Pick your own customized program up to 4 times a month:

$199(6 months)

Pick your own customized program up to 6 times a month:

$269 (6 months)
$309( Monthly)

Pick your own customized program up to 8 times a month:

$319 ( 6 months)
$369 (Monthly)

Group Fitness 

It has been proven that exercising in small groups produces better results due to the fact that most will push themselves harder because of the motivation from others in the group. There is also the social aspect which creates a bonding environment that can help produce more endorphins and keeps the clients more accountable for showing up for their sessions. To Find out what classes we offer click here

$139 (6 months)
$169 ( Monthly)

Youth/Teen Sports Performance Training

This program is specifically designed with age appropriate drills for the youth athlete looking to increase their Speed, Agility, Power and Strength. The focus is on age appropriate exercises built for the long term development of youth and teen athletes to ensure as safe playing career. 

4 times a month (once a  week) :

$160 (Monthly)

8 times a month (twice a week) :


 With a smaller number of members we are able to provide more personal attention inside and outside the gym, which is an added value to ensure our members stay on track to achieve their goals. This is impossible in big, overcrowded chain gyms. Don't believe us, come on in and give us a try!

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