Poor Physical Fitness = Just as Risky as Smoking

I'm sure it goes without saying that smoking is probably the worst thing you can do for your health. However, in a recent study researchers found that low aerobic capacity (poor physical fitness) wasn’t that far behind when it came to increased risk factors of premature death. Check out his article Being Unfit May Be Almost as Bad for You as Smoking “Being out of shape could be more harmful to health and longevity than most people expect, according to a new, long-term study of middle-aged men. The study finds that poor physical fitness may be second only to smoking as a risk factor for premature death.” “Poor fitness turned out to be unhealthier even than high blood pressure or poor cholesterol profiles, the researchers found. Highly f...

When more isn't better!

If your goal is to lose weight and maintain optimal health and fitness, the quality of your exercise and diet regimen matters more than the quantity, research says. Exercise scientists have reported the clear benefits of a multi-dimensional exercise regimen that includes resistance exercise, interval sprint exercise, stretching and endurance exercise. (Sound familiar? Hint- that’s what we do at Motivate Fitness) Add moderate amounts of protein regularly throughout your day, while reducing carbohydrate intake and you'll be well on your way toward decreasing total and abdominal fat, increasing lean body mass, and achieving optimal levels for blood pressure, blood glucose, and insulin. In their study, scientists found that those who had ...

General Rules for Better Nutrition

By: Aaron E. Carroll Over the past few months, I’ve written a number of times on how nutrition recommendations are seldom supported by science. I’ve argued that what many people are telling you may be inaccurate. In response, many of you have asked me what nutrition recommendations should say. It’s much easier, unfortunately, to tell you what not to do. But here at The Upshot, we don’t avoid the hard questions. So I’m going to put myself on the line. Below are the general rules I live by. They’re the ones I share with patients, with friends and with family. They’re the ones I support as a pediatrician and a health services researcher. But I acknowledge up front that they may apply only to healthy people without metabolic disorders (me,...

15 Minute Workout

In a previous post we shared with you some easy ways to start building better habits. We talked about the importance of starting with smaller, more attainable, goals. Once that is mastered, we then build upon that success to move to the next step. This helps us stay more engaged and motivated and allows us to build better habits for long lasting success rather than quick fixes that don’t last.

In the post we used an example of exercise and how it can be hard to stick with after a few weeks. So if you struggle with this, as most of us do, then here is a quick 15 minute workout that can help. Remember, the key is to break down your big picture goal into smaller more attainable goals. Once you master the smaller ones they become habit...

Goal Setting for me


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August Member of The Month

As a way to express our appreciation to our members for their dedication to not only their personal goals, but to the Motivate Fitness family; we select each month a Member of the Month.

This award is given to the member who consistently shows a positive attitude, determination, dedication and is an inspiration to others.

This month we acknowledge Peter Reardon for all of their hard work and dedication.

We’d like to congratulate Peter on being named Motivate Fitness Member of the Month. On behalf of the Motivate Fitness Staff we are so proud to honor you with this award as you exemplify the Motivate Fitness Core Values.

Thank you for being a part of our family!

About our member of the month Peter Reardon:

How long have you been a m...

Does Calorie Intake Matter?


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Just 1 Percent Better Is All It Takes

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule. The idea is that a small number of things account for the majority of the results which is also known as the Pareto Principle. For example if one road is slightly more convenient than the other, more people will travel down that road. With that, more businesses are likely to build alongside it and as more businesses are built, people have additional reasons for using the road and so it gets even more traffic. Soon you end up with a saying like, “20 percent of the roads receive 80 percent of the traffic.” Now keeping the 80/20 rule in mind, if you can focus on getting One Percent better each day with your fitness you can easily create dramatic positive effects on y...

5 Great Beach Exercises

If you are heading to the beach for vacation try some of these fun activities as a change to your daily workouts. Variety is always a good idea and it’s a great way to jump start your body if your current program has been a bit stagnant. I guarantee you will feel different muscles that you haven't felt before. Not only are they great full body exercises but they are also a lot of fun. Paddle Boarding - along with the core muscles, paddle boarding is excellent in developing specific muscle groups in the shoulder, upper back, lats, chest and the triceps. Boogie Boarding- great for strengthening your legs, arms, core and upper and lower back. Kayaking - Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise and is particularly notable for helping t...

5 Reasons Why You Need Protein for Fat Loss


With our Fit in 42 program in the books we have seen some awesome results. In just 7 days, our group of 6 lost a total of 20.3 lbs and 13.5 inches!

One thing I did notice though was that as a group, the protein intake was a little lower than expected, which brings up an important point for anyone who is looking to lose weight and tone up.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be consuming more protein in your nutrition plan.


Your protein needs increase especially after bouts of intense exercise because of the tissue breakdown that this type of exercising causes. The soreness you feel in the muscles is because of this breakdown. We want the repairing process to start immediately so that’s where protein comes in. It can literally start...


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