Ask yourself the following questions......
1. Are you done with the all the exercise fads that don't work or produce long term results?
2. Are you ready to learn how to properly and safely exercise and lose weight the right way?
3. Are you ready to move and feel better than you have ever have in the past?
4. Are you finally ready to learn how to create better fitness habits?

Then welcome to Motivate Fitness where we understand that fitness is much more than just killing yourself with extreme exercising and rapid weight loss gimmicks. It’s about learning how to properly exercise and create better habits so you can FINALLY experience long lasting results and a healthier lifestyle.

All you have to do is simply join us for the New Year New You Program and let us help you become the best version of yourself. Just make the commitment and we will be in your corner the entire way providing you the motivation, instruction and guidance to succeed this time.

This 6 Week New You Program is dedicated to getting you the sustainable results you want and the greatest transformation possible this winter. GUARANTEED!

 Details of the program:

Sign Up at Any Time During The Month of January 

    The New Year New You Transformation Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited Group Fitness access and coaching at Motivate Fitness.
  • 2 Personalized Semi-Private coaching session per week to instruct you through your customized program that is individualized to exactly what you want to accomplish over the 6 weeks. You can schedule this appointment at your convenience. 
  • New Year New You Calendar that explains exactly what to do each day and allows you to track your progress
  • Customized nutrition journal with meal plans and our “secret sauce” on how to get the greatest results in the shortest period of time.
  • Unlimited Coaching Support and Guidance from our entire coaching staff. You will never be alone at the gym as a coach will always be there to help coach you.

Here are just a few of our success stories:

Jane Sutow - "The Coaches at Motivate Fitness provide me with the personal attention I need to address my areas of concern to keep me injury free. I also love the personalized circuit training workouts they custom design for me that address my limitations. Because of their attention I can now do things that in the past have created issues for me. " 


Marin Harwood– Something needed to change. I remember the day quite well. Walking from my home to my car was getting difficult. Seeing a lot of "extra" me between the seat belt straps, I was fed up. That made me think about the money I was spending every month to be an "outside" member of multiple gyms. This prompted action behind my decision. I was told about Motivate Fitness and decided to meet with Bill. I was expecting an intimidating gym atmosphere (one that I learned to deal with in the past). Nothing could be further from the truth. Bill sat with me and we discussed a personalized plan that was complemented by very helpful diet tips. To say that that meeting changed my life is an understatement. I have never had this much energy! As my fitness level changes so does the personalized exercise plan. Motivate Fitness not only challenged me to be better but helps me to reach my goals. I will never forget what Bill told me when I asked him why he does what he does he simply stated "I just want to help people." Thank you for your help Bill! I certainly needed it!


Sue Block – “Before I joined Motivate Fitness, I was feeling lost. I had played singles tennis 3-4 times a week and loved it. It was my only form of exercise but my arthritic knees were hurting more and more. Since I had to pull back on my tennis activity, I could not find something else I liked as much.” - “I actually have an ongoing (lifetime) membership to L.A. Fitness. I attended once in a while. The excuses of the past include not feeling fit enough to go, being bored, feeling like just a number, feeling like they are just selling you on personal training and not really interested in you as a person with particular circumstances..”

- “When I joined Motivate Fitness, I felt like they listened and cared. What surprised me was that my coaches didn’t push me too hard in the beginning. I thought they would be like a drill sergeant. The coaches are patient and encouraging in just the right dose. I am pleased that I’m back into weight lifting as part of my exercise routine. With the gradual routines and personalized supervision, I feel more energetic, certainly stronger again, and I don’t dread it.”


Lost 19lbs and Two Sizes!

Our New Year New You Program is the perfect introduction to how we do things, why we do them and why there is simply no other choice when it comes meeting your goals.

Most people want the quick fix and their fat loss to happen yesterday! But the reality is that sustainable, healthy fat loss takes a little bit of time. We don’t do quick fixes, and this program is absolutely NOT a quick fix.

This is more than just a New Year Resolution

But, teaching you the things that work, moving better, feeling better and setting you up for success in whatever future endeavors you decide can all be absolutely done in the first six weeks of the New You!

Also Included in the New Year New You Program:

– Full Assessment based off the Functional Movement Screen, the most researched diagnostic tool for movement that gives us the blueprint for how we approach your individualized training program.

– 6 week all-access membership including a completely individualized program specific to you, your goals, your abilities, what you can do, what you can’t do, what you are good at, what you’re not good at – and everything in between. There is no other choice for a more individualized personal training experience than at our facility with our highly certified team!

– Unlimited access to our Group Fitness Classes Training Schedule.

– 6 Weeks of Weekly Habit Change – We will start with small habits over the short term that become huge “game-changers” over the long term!

– Motivation and Accountability every step of the way.

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