15 Minute Workout

In a previous post we shared with you some easy ways to start building better habits. We talked about the importance of starting with smaller, more attainable, goals. Once that is mastered, we then build upon that success to move to the next step. This helps us stay more engaged and motivated and allows us to build better habits for long lasting success rather than quick fixes that don’t last.

In the post we used an example of exercise and how it can be hard to stick with after a few weeks. So if you struggle with this, as most of us do, then here is a quick 15 minute workout that can help. Remember, the key is to break down your big picture goal into smaller more attainable goals. Once you master the smaller ones they become habits which then become long lasting lifestyle changes.

This is an easy to follow workout and is a great combination of strength and interval training so it’s like a two for one! Not only will you get the cardiovascular benefits but you’ll also get the fat burning benefits by following this routine. The exercises can change so be creative. But remember, for the best results, the exercises need to involve big muscle groups with compound movements.

15 Minute Workout hyperlink this.

Warm-up – 5 minutes

Perform each exercise in order then repeat again (Total of two times through)

Supine Straight Leg Raise – 15x each leg

Glute Bridges – 15x

Side Lying Leg Raise – 15x each leg

Bird Dogs – 15x each arm/leg

Hi-Plank (push up position) Knee Drives – 15x each knee

Arms Over Head Squats – 15x

The Workout: 10 reps on the minute every minute for 10 minutes (10 Sets)

The Exercise: Squat to Press

Equipment: A timer and either two dumbbells or Kettlebells or a barbell. (Pick a weight that you can overhead press with perfect strict form for 18 reps.)

How to perform: Start with your implement of choice resting on your shoulders. Start your timer and perform a squat and as you ascend from the bottom of the squat to the top press the weight overhead. That’s one! Repeat 9 more times. This should take about 15 – 18 seconds.

When your timer hits the top of the minute go again for 10 more reps. Follow this sequence eight more times for a total of 10 sets.

So it should look like this:

Set #1 - 0:00-0:18 seconds = 10 reps

Rest until the timer gets to the 1 minute mark then go again

Set #2 - 1:00 – 1:18 seconds = 10 reps

Rest until the timer gets to the 2 minute mark then go again

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