5 Great Beach Exercises

If you are heading to the beach for vacation try some of these fun activities as a change to your daily workouts. Variety is always a good idea and it’s a great way to jump start your body if your current program has been a bit stagnant. I guarantee you will feel different muscles that you haven't felt before. Not only are they great full body exercises but they are also a lot of fun. Paddle Boarding - along with the core muscles, paddle boarding is excellent in developing specific muscle groups in the shoulder, upper back, lats, chest and the triceps. Boogie Boarding- great for strengthening your legs, arms, core and upper and lower back. Kayaking - Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise and is particularly notable for helping to build upper-body strength. Muscles found in the arm, shoulders and back such as the biceps, triceps, delts, rotator cuff and rhomboids are all used during a typical day of paddling. Running against the tide - Awesome for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning as not only will you feel every muscle burning but you will really feel your heart pounding too! Kite Surfing- Is great for building the core and low back muscles as well as the glutes, hip flexors and groin muscles for stabilization. It is also great for developing your static endurance.

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